Our Milwaukee Video Company Introduces the V-Book

Our Milwaukee Video Company Introduces the V-Book

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There’s something about holding a printed book that is so special, even though we’re living in a society where video is the new avenue of receiving information. At Bottom-line Productions, we’ve created the perfect medium to combine books and video: V-Books™. Our new V-Books™ will give your company the chance to build better sales opportunities and also stay ahead of the marketing curve.

No Message Ever Wasted

As our greater Milwaukee video company has grown, we’ve realized that our clients need an effective and flexible hosting system for their videos. The V-Book™ delivers your company’s message to potential clients in style. The beauty of our V-Book™ is its versatility because V-Books™ are rechargeable, reloadable, and reusable. This new and innovative way to reach more clients ensures your message is never wasted.

Open the Cover and Discover the Magic Within

Our V-Book™ is a video held within book covers that plays automatically upon the book’s opening. This unparalleled product effortlessly places your message into the palm of your client’s hands. There are many ways to get your V-Book™ into the right hands. You can mail it to prospective clients, hand deliver it to your chosen audience, or distribute it in meetings.

Customizing Messages

Our V-Book™ is versatile, flexible, and customizable. Because of this, our clients are surprised by how cost-effective it is to market their business, products, or services with this product. Its customizability is key to its dramatic marketing power.

You can customize the V-Book’s™ cover to suit your needs. Make your visual image fit your individual message! You can customize even the book’s size and mailing sleeve. The length of the video can extend to nearly fifteen minutes, so your V-Book™ can be formatted in a variety of styles. Sort your message with chapters or keep it short and sweet for maximum initial effect.

Types of V-Books™ We Offer

·         4.3″ screen

·         5″ screen

·         7″ screen (our most popular size)

·         10″ screen


If you have a video in mind or if you need help creating the right video message, then we can help! Contact us today online or call 414.839.1575.