Five Tips for Planning Your Corporate Video in Wisconsin

Five Tips for Planning Your Corporate Video in Wisconsin

By Andrew Drefs|0 Comments

For many of our corporate clients in Wisconsin, video production isn’t a regular part of their daily routine. Therefore, when creating a corporate video in Wisconsin, our clients often ask what the process involves and how to plan for it. Planning a corporate video production includes many steps. From discovery to creative planning to distribution, the process all begins with brainstorming.

1. Know Your Budget Range for Corporate Video

Before planning an in-depth corporate video, it’s best to have a budget in mind. The plan you create may dictate the budget and vice versa. It’s helpful to establish a basic range to follow. However, you still want to leave a little room and see where your plans lead you.

2. Think of Clear Goals and Objectives

When producing a corporate video in Wisconsin, it’s best to know your specific goals and objectives. For example, you need to identify who your audience is. As a result, this will help you understand the specific content they will respond to and create a call-to-action that they can’t resist. Your goals are critical for a variety of reasons. For one, you want to boost SEO and build site traffic. Additionally, you also want to increase awareness of your brand and give viewers a visual representation of your company.

3. Create Content for Key Events and Dates

What times of year are most important to your business? Do they relate to the goals you have in mind? For instance, one of your goals might include enhancing your brand image. Therefore, you want to consider using corporate video production for significant milestones and awards ceremonies. Additionally, you have a goal to increase your website traffic. In this case, your video content could look ahead to exciting sales events later in the year.

4. Know How to Share Video Content With Your Audience

Along with identifying your goals and audience, you’ll also want to consider how each piece of video content will reach your intended audience. The ability to multi-purpose your video content is one of the most significant benefits it offers. As a result, it allows you to target your audience through landing pages, emails, YouTube, Facebook, or even a television broadcast.

5. Stay True to Your Brand

As with all of your marketing material, it’s imperative you stay true to your brand. Know what sets you apart from the competition and have words to describe your brand on hand. By recognizing your essential qualities, you’ll start to generate a list you can apply directly to your content.

If you plan for your video content to live on your company website for more than six months, you need to identify the most influential keyword search terms that relate to your company.  When your corporate video content gets placed on your website, you want to provide an adequate description. Use the text on the site to refer to it, remembering to utilize your keywords throughout.

Apply the Tips

When you’re just getting started, it all seems so overwhelming. However, with the tips we’ve provided, beginning the planning process is much easier. Most importantly, when you directly relate your corporate video strategy to key performance goals, it becomes easier to understand how to apply your budget. It also helps clarify your methods for measuring results.

At Bottom-Line Productions, we are committed to creating professionally polished video productions. We want to help you prepare, but we also want to help you through the process! If you’re ready to make your corporate video in Wisconsin, visit us online or call 414-839-1575.