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At Bottom-Line Productions, we do corporate video, and that’s our bottom-line service. We believe in the power of the picture, so we bring that power to life in our visual renderings. Your corporate video is your business’s calling card because it shares your story, highlights your brand, and entices potential customers. That’s, therefore, our jumping off point; we engineer corporate videos – whether a website, promotional, or product video – using the industry’s most powerful tools.

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  • Ruekert-Mielke

    Ruekert-Mielke blends experience, vision, & technology to build lasting infrastructure strategies for local communities.
  • Shoreline Inn

    Shoreline Inn and Conference Center is located right on the waters edge and is hands down the most all inclusive destination in the Muskegon area. Beautiful rooms with unrivaled views of the lake and harbor, great dining options, two pools and easy access to everything!
  • Gibraltar Grill

    Gibraltar Grill is a dynamite restaurant in a beautiful location that has excellent food, great service and even an electric cart to take you to or pick you up from downtown! They have live music 4 nights a week, indoor and outdoor seating (even blankets!) and a lovely bar. You won’t be disappointed!readable English.
  • Sussex Injection Molding

    This corporate video production demonstrates why Sussex Injection Molding is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of cosmetic devices. They turned to Bottom-Line Productions to produce not only an exciting & engaging video but also for the perfect delivery device - one of our amazing new video in print V-Books. This video was featured in the V-Book and was the hit of the NY Cosmetics show in NY, NY. Sussex IM was able to create a huge buzz at the event, attracting a great amount of attention and even landed a meeting with the top brass at L’Oréal! If making a huge impact is what you want then a V-Book is what you need!
  • ABC

    Our footage was prominently and repeatedly used in the last episode of EXTREME Weight Loss, featuring Waukesha native, Bob Brenner.
  • Tri City

    This corporate marketing video was shot on location at Tri-City Bank enabling Tri-City to make a strong personal connection with potential new customers by showcasing various attributes and services. During filming it was learned that Bottom-Line Productions’ bid was one third that of the lowest competing bid, lending credence to our motto that “Our focus is YOUR Bottom Line!”.
  • CR Industries

    CR Industries is a highly successful custom fabricator that needed to show potential customers the wide array of services that they could provide and they turned to Bottom-Line Productions to help tell their story. In addition to the video production seen here Bottom-LIne also provided photographic services as well for their newly updated website.
  • Industrial Air Power

    Industrial Air Power is a Muskego based company with national reach that needed to show their loyal, longterm customers that they provided a host of other services. They turned to Bottom-Line Productions in order to show the world that they are far larger than just a parts supplier.
  • Opportunities Inc.

    This corporate marketing video represents a long term, multi-site production that encompasses product demonstrations, facility tours as well as video testimonials from a number of clients. Opportunities Inc. needed to be able to convey to potential clients the wide array of packaging and light assembly services that they could provide. It was determined that the best way to accomplish this was through an engaging and concise video. To date they have landed a number of new clients who were not only impressed with the presentation but also learned through the video of services that Opportunities Inc. could provide and that they were not previously aware of. IM was able to create a huge buzz at the event, attracting a great amount of attention and even landed a meeting with the top brass at L’Oréal! If making a huge impact is what you want then a V-Book is what you need!
  • Explore Scuba

    Explore Scuba is the premiere (and exclusive) scuba operator on Paradise Island, home of Atlantis. Due to our extensive underwater capabilities they turned to Bottom-Line Productions for their latest promotional video.
  • Beck Lines

    Allen Beck needed to show the world that he really does paint pinstripes by hand and of course nothing accomplishes that better than video. This product demonstration video was shot on-site at Crest Cadillac in Brookfield and has really helped Allen to sell his services. Included services: Custom Motion titles and graphics, original music, on-site production and video customer testimonials.
  • Container On Wheels

    All COWs locations are locally owned by your neighborhood Moving Company or Self Storage Facility. These locations are owned and operated by your neighbor - folks that live in and have established and built their businesses in your town and community. Your local COWs Dealership is ready to help you design the perfect storage option or moving solution to fit your budget, your lifestyle and your time table.
  • Paul’s Petal Pushers

    Paul’s Petal Pushers is a small, family owned greenhouse business that thrives on their wonderful customer service. The trouble is that they are off the beaten path and needed to convey to web shoppers that they are certainly worth the trip. This is a great example of letting your customers sing your praises in the form of a customer testimonial video. Few people really believe the written testimonials on the majority of websites today, whereas a video testimonial is undeniable!

tools of the trade


  • The Canon 5D Mk III is the industry’s gold standard for capturing moving brilliance. Since this marvel hit the scene, video production has never looked back. Its photographic wonder includes full HD resolution at 1920 x 1080, and it’s also the camera that’s called on for award-winning ads and Hollywood blockbusters alike.
  • The GoPro 4 is the definitive action-capture camera. Whether it’s on the slopes, in the waves, or onsite, this guy hunts the action down.
  • The 3DR Solo Smart Drone is all about geeky fun, but it’s also a powerful tool that’s adept at capturing aerial money shots.
  • Final Cut Pro X is the de-facto industry standard and has been employed in countless movies, music videos, and TV ads. So, from great looking titles and transitions to all sorts of special effects we’ll make you look like a million!
  • SmartSound library – Nothing gives that finishing touch better than the right music. Our massive audio library delivers the perfect, tailor-made accompaniment to your presentation, and all without worry of royalty issues anytime down the road.
  • Glidecam Technologies camera stabilization system for truly professional results on any moving shot. You’ve seen them racing across the football field or on a concert stage smoothly catching all the action. So now you too can have that level of “Hollywood” production in your video as well!


  • On-location photographic & video production service at your office, plant, or customer’s home/office
  • Creation of opening and ending sequences to give your video a truly professional look and feel
  • Video e-mail campaigns that effectively deliver your message
  • Professional Voice-Over talent on staff
  • Professional titling service, motion graphics, and credits
  • Studio quality, royalty-free music tracks that are custom created to match precisely with your production (and that also don’t require royalty fees)
  • Creation of a YouTube channel for your video(s) from which the video can be embedded into your site, then sent out in e-mails or viewed on YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social media sites
  • Scriptwriting and/or assistance
  • Marketing videos, video testimonials, product demonstrations, video plant and facility tours, corporate video, video editing, voice-overs and so much more
  • Aerial videography service to give an elevated perspective on your project or business

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Time and time again the biggest hurdle I’ve seen my clients face is writing the script for their video. This just isn’t something that they do on a regular basis so it’s a struggle. The good news for you is that this IS what we do on a regular basis. Now, as StoryBrand Certified guides our copy writing skills will make your video, website and other collateral just that much more effective at growing your business. Give us a call and let’s get started today!

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