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Bottom-Line Productions offers budget-conscious video production services that include powerful corporate website videos, product videos, customer testimonial videos, and marketing videos. Our product line includes any video product you need to effectively promote your business in today’s visually driven market. To ensure that your video reflects and enhances your unique business offerings, we walk you through the entire process. Our suite of services also includes vivid still photography, in-house voice talent, and other production-polishing services. Our focus is on creating a visual narrative arc that tells your story in your own voice. We belabor the details, so your story can express itself effortlessly.

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    Corporate Video

    Corporate videos have become the single most effective way to reach and engage both your customer and potential-customer bases. Without video representation, your business simply isn’t reaching its full web-market share. A well-executed business video tells your essential story, it also builds goodwill and shares what’s at the heart of your enterprise. Connecting with your clientele is paramount. A vibrant and effective business video, however, can extend that connection beyond the strictly corporate and toward a real connection with real people who are interested in what your business represents.

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    Product Video

    A professional product-video showcases and demonstrates your product in its most flattering light. These marketing videos are an increasingly influential way to market your signature products and to harness product and brand awareness. Bottom-Line Productions is a greater Milwaukee area product-demo video production company that was founded to provide cost-effective and dynamic product videos that engage and delight audiences.

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    Testimonial Videos

    By definition, a customer testimonial is a tribute to your company that’s spoken from the heart by a real customer. These customer testimonials succinctly relay the candid message that your customers are so satisfied with your company that they are pleased to actively promote it. Such testimony allows prospective customers to get a feel for your company and its standing in the market. There are several huge corporations, like Dove, that make such testimonials an integral part of their regular advertising campaigns, and that is not for nothing. Video testimonials build better businesses.

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    Aerial Video & Photography

    Bottom-Line Productions does video, but we also produce powerful and profound still photography. The artistry and design lines of still photography evoke feelings and emotions in a different way than text or moving pictures can. And a vivid photograph can punctuate not only your website and webpages but also your corporate videos in stunningly engaging ways. Bottom-Line Productions provides professional product-photography in the greater Milwaukee area, and we believe that, when it’s exactingly executed and placed, still photography has a singular power to elevate the visual voice of your business and its ethos.

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    Behold our amazing V-Book. This one’s different; it’s quite literally a video held within book covers that plays automatically upon the book’s opening. Unlike other business video products, you can hold our V-Book in your hands. It melds the tactile experience of a book and the explosive visuals of a video into one powerful mechanism for dominating sales. The versatility of Bottom-Line Productions’ V-Book is unparalleled; it effortlessly places a powerful video message in the palm of your intended audience’s hand. The only necessary action step is to open the book’s cover. That’s pretty easy.

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WHat Our Clients Say

  • Beck Lines
  • Opportunities Inc.
  • Tri-City National Bank
  • Andy did a video for me and all I can say that he is the best without a doubt. He worked harder than anybody should have. The stuff he did with the video is magic. He took stuff that I didn't think I could use and it's outstanding. Simply the best! Watch the testimonial video Allen Beck Beck Lines
  • We’ve been working with Andy at Bottom-Line for years now on a wide range of projects.  Corporate video, advocacy presentations, photography, fundraising events and even our phone messages.  He’s always delivered, is a pleasure to work with and we’re delighted to have such a go-to resource who we can call anytime.  If you’re looking to get any of these types of projects done then rest assured Andy will take good care of you. Watch the testimonial video Robin Kennedy VP Mission Advancement
    Opportunities Inc.
  • Recently we used Bottomline Productions for a video clip on our website, it went extremely well. Very effortless on our part. Bottomline Productions helped us from a marketing perspective, so not only is the videographer good at the technical part of it but also had some ideas about how we could market a different field. I feel like the whole process went extremely well and it was cost effective. Watch the testimonial video Kristen Talbott Vice President
    Tri-City National Bank

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Our Bottom Line

I started Bottom-Line Productions because I am passionate about visual storytelling, and I recognized the need for high quality, original, and affordable video production in the greater Milwaukee market. Every business is a very personal endeavor, but without proper attention, your corporate video can come off as impersonal or even canned. Your business is vibrant and has much to offer; your corporate video should succinctly reflect that. Whatever you’re looking for in a video production, we can help you get there. The process is not as daunting as many people imagine, and it’s our goal to put you at ease and to help you create a video calling card that you are proud to share. At Bottom-Line Productions, we want to get to know you and your business and to help you bring what’s unique about that business to life in a video that resonates with your potential customers.

– Andy Drefs, Bottom-Line Productions Founder

Corporate video specialists

Corporate videos have become so prevalent because they work; they create a visual world that reflects your business in a way that words on a website cannot do on their own. A corporate video that hits the right note allows your potential clients to step inside your vision and take a guided look around. Corporate videos garner more views than text alone, and compelling corporate videos draw in business. We’re here to help you do that with style and clarity of voice.

Budget conscious

Finally, we want to work within your budget – a budget that you are comfortable with. Not every business wants to or can afford to pull out all the stops for its corporate video. Don’t be nervous about the process – we’ve got that covered – and we pride ourselves on our friendly, warm, and helpful approach. If you’re ready to create a video or are simply toying with the idea, we’re here to help. A good corporate video is a collaborative effort, and we make the collaboration fun. We want you to enjoy the experience and the final product.


Over 10 Years Experience & 200 Happy Customers

Your business has a story to tell, and you want to tell that story well. There is no better way to promote your business, your product, your story, or your brand than with a beautifully executed and thoughtfully edited video describing your products or services. If a picture says a thousand words, moving pictures tell a thousand stories. Present your business or product to the world with a dynamic and nuanced visual story that is inviting to potential clients and customers.

Bottom-Line Productions creates gorgeous visual narratives and weaves compelling visual tales that move businesses forward while building your brand. We are committed to providing cost effective Corporate video in Milwaukee and work with businesses of all sizes and a wide variety of industries. Whether you’re a large corporation, a small business startup, or a mom and pop, your visual voice on the web is important. Bottom-Line Productions is committed to providing businesses in the greater Milwaukee area with engaging, vivid, crisp, and affordable corporate videos that garner notice.

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