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Testimonial Video Production

By definition, a customer testimonial is a tribute to your company that’s spoken from the heart by a real customer. These customer testimonials succinctly relay the candid message that your customers are so satisfied with your company that they are pleased to actively promote it. Such testimony allows prospective customers to get a feel for your company and its standing in the market. There are several huge corporations, like Dove, that make such testimonials an integral part of their regular advertising campaigns, and that is not for nothing. Milwaukee testimonial video helps build better businesses.

Bottom-Line Productions provides a testimonial video production service that serves the greater Milwaukee area and that understands the burgeoning importance of customer reviews and testimonials. Testimonial videos speak directly to your message; they provide a personal guarantee of your company’s claims. Making bold claims is one thing; backing those claims up with personal testimonials is another. Customer testimonials trade in corporate credibility, and every business hinges on its corporate credibility.

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Whatever consumers are in the market for, there are certain qualities that they seek. These qualities include credibility and authenticity. If a customer testimonial video doesn’t exude these primary qualities of credibility and authenticity in a natural way, then it won’t play well with your potential customer base. For audiences to connect with your message and act on it, your customer testimonial must scream natural. Whoever’s testifying – whether they be a powerful business person with lofty credentials or an everyman – that individual’s voice and message are distinct and worthy of attention. Your customer testimonial video amounts to an interview with a real customer or client who digs your company, service, or product, and that’s a powerful thing.

Getting Personal

This message is most effective when it’s personal and is told naturally in an authentic setting. That’s not to say that customer testimonials need to be dull or overly staged. At Bottom-Line Productions, we are a video-production company in the greater Milwaukee area that believes in creating customer testimonials that are down to earth and plainspoken but that can also be fun and charming. These promotional videos work to disarm your potential customers with their candor and authentic support of your business. They let viewers know that your business is exactly what you promote it as. There’s no better way to support your claims than to back them up with real people who actively affirm them. Customer testimonials are personal, and that’s what makes them so effective.

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Getting Comfortable

The only way for your customers to effectively speak from the heart about their happy relationship with your business, service, or product is if they feel comfortable while doing it. At Bottom-Line Productions, we pride ourselves on providing testimonial video production services that pamper and encourage your customer or client. Their comfort and ease are our focus. We understand that – to capture a person’s truth and voice – we must actively encourage that person to forget about the cameras and get down to the business of sharing.

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Some projects beg for video production, and customer testimonials are one of these projects. A video testimonial soars far beyond what words and still photography can do on their own. There’s simply no better way to capture voice, heart, and truth than with a plainspoken video that needs no interpretation.

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The Power of the Process

There is no reason to fear the customer-testimonial video process. At Bottom-Line Productions, we’ve been doing this a while. We’ve got the process down to a science so that we can focus on the details that make your customer-testimonial video go from good enough to seriously great.

We’ll walk you through the process from scriptwriting (that comes straight from your customer’s own voice) to choosing the perfect location – and then on to set-up, cuing, production, post-production, edit and effect, and final upload. At Bottom-Line Productions, we create video production testimonials that are real, and we do this by making the process comfortable and even fun. We’ll nurture your testifiers into giving their most genuine recommendation. You can’t put a price on that kind of business value.

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At Bottom-Line Productions, your budget is our primary concern. Video production – especially video testimonials – don’t have to be cost prohibitive. In fact, with customer-testimonial videos, you are going for frank and genuine; and the bells and whistles of video production rarely further this goal. Because of this, Bottom-Line Productions works within your budget to create powerful customer testimonials.

Once your testimonial is neatly in the bag, it can serve as a standalone piece on your homepage or anywhere. It can also, however, be reengineered and reimagined to provide cutaway views within your suite of corporate videos, including business and product videos. At Bottom-Line Productions, we get creative with your video-production testimonial placement, so this provides you with more bang for your video-production buck.

We encourage you to give video customer-testimonials a whirl; they are singularly effective at genuinely promoting your business. To get in on the action, click or call Bottom-Line Productions today.

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Time and time again the biggest hurdle I’ve seen my clients face is writing the script for their video. This just isn’t something that they do on a regular basis so it’s a struggle. The good news for you is that this IS what we do on a regular basis. Now, as StoryBrand Certified guides our copy writing skills will make your video, website and other collateral just that much more effective at growing your business. Give us a call and let’s get started today!

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