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Travel videos from Bottom-Line Productions will artfully share the uniqueness of your hotel or resort, will convey the great staff and wonderful service of your restaurant, and thrill the viewer with the excitement that your outdoor adventure delivers. Whether your destination boasts beaches, mountains, extreme adventures, or access to exotic wildlife, the team at Bottom-Line Productions can capture what your organization has to offer in a visually compelling way that drives consumer action.

Your unique story told in an active, visual voice that will draw the viewer in, set you apart, and deliver more bookings and provide an excellent ROI.

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Is your Business a Travel Destination?

Different destinations appeal to different types of people. A Cancun resort that is a popular destination with the college set is not going to be appealing to the family of four with significant spending power, just as a ski resort in the Rockies may not be attractive to a retired couple who wants to enjoy fine dining by the ocean. Similarly, various groups are going to have a different response to different types of travel videos. At Bottom-Line Productions, we take the time to fully understand our clients’ target demographic and create travel videos that highlight the things that they will respond to. We produce video in a way that will evoke a positive emotional response.

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Encouraging Corporate Travel

Businesses that sponsor employee travel, use travel as a performance incentive, or foster company culture through group activities often have different priorities than individuals who travel for pleasure. These organizations plan and execute business events because they’re important to their business; they symbolize the enterprise’s cultural foundation or recent successes. At Bottom-Line Productions, we understand what motivates a business when they are making decisions on where to send their top performers, hold retreats, or impress big clients. We understand how to highlight what your resort or hotel has to offer corporate travelers, whether that be fantastic restaurants, beautiful views, inspiring surrounds, or access to outdoor adventures.

Highlighting The Things That Make Your Destination Unique

No two hotels or resorts offer guests the same experience. At Bottom Line Productions, we take the time to find the things that make your destination unique and highlight them in videos that tell your story in a compelling way that drives consumer decision making. Whether your amenities include various high-end restaurants, exciting nightlife, outdoor adventures, or a stunning pool area, we are qualified to create an engaging video that speaks directly to the travelers you hope to attract.

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Working With Business of All Sizes

We are qualified to work with resorts, hotels, and other destination businesses of all sizes and are equally comfortable creating videos for small boutique hotels as we are with creating promotional materials for resorts with thousands of rooms available. Our team understands how to create videos that portray your destination in a personal way that speaks to your prospective guests, whether they happen to be a honeymooning couple looking for a romantic getaway or an executive choosing a location for his or her company’s next corporate retreat.

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We Understand Travelers

The team at Bottom-Line Productions makes videos that speak to your potential guests. We understand that for many recreational travelers, their decision to choose one destination over another is emotionally motivated, and we make videos that appeal to their desire to make memories that will last a lifetime. On the other hand, we are aware of the fact that many organizations with significant travel budgets make decisions based on practical considerations like conference room size, location, available amenities, and cost. We take the time to understand our clients’ goals and create videos that appeal to their target clientele and present their resort or hotel as a premier travel destination.

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Time and time again the biggest hurdle I’ve seen my clients face is writing the script for their video. This just isn’t something that they do on a regular basis so it’s a struggle. The good news for you is that this IS what we do on a regular basis. Now, as StoryBrand Certified guides our copy writing skills will make your video, website and other collateral just that much more effective at growing your business. Give us a call and let’s get started today!

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