Create the Best Corporate Videos for Your Company

Create the Best Corporate Videos for Your Company

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Companies like Hubspot, Google, and Starbucks thrive on their corporate videos. If created right, corporate video can be the most effective way to reach both your current and potential customers. The best corporate videos tell your essential story. They can create a real connection with real people who are interested in what your business truly represents.


What is a Corporate Video?

A corporate video is a public-facing video that focuses on the company, its culture, and its people. It does not spotlight the products or services of the company. The goal of a corporate video is to show the human side of your brand. It gives your viewers a taste of your personality. Your employees also have their moment to shine.

Not only are corporate videos entertaining and informational, but they’re a helpful SEO tool. Google loves video, and if you use corporate video, your company will rank higher in search engine results. Corporate videos attract the best talent for your company while building brand credibility. Viewers learn about the culture of your company while you highlight the history and people.

Tips for Making the Best Corporate Videos

The shorter, the sweeter

Studies show that most videos have eight seconds to grab the attention of viewers. That means you have to pack a good punch right from the beginning of your video! Grab your customers’ curiosity, use eye-catching graphics, and show them your personality. Making your video short and sweet is difficult, but not impossible. Working with a professional corporate video production company like Bottom-Line Productions can help you achieve a brief and impressive corporate video.

Use Creativity

If you think back to your favorite videos, most of them will have you laughing. Good taste in humor and non-offensive material will be the most memorable. Not all stories are equal. Once you find the purpose of your corporate video, find creative ways to make it engaging.

Production Value Matters

No one expects your video to look like a blockbuster movie. That doesn’t mean it should look like someone shot it on their iPhone. If you want the best corporate video that will impact your viewers, you have to invest in it like any other marketing material. In today’s competitive video production market there are plenty of video producers in the Milwaukee area. At Bottom-Line Productions, we work harder than anyone else to give your company the video it deserves.

Don’t waste any more time! Get started on making your best corporate video today. We engineer corporate videos using the industry’s most powerful tools. Our team is committed to creating professionally polished dynamic video productions at an affordable price. Contact us today online or call us at 414-839-1575.