Location Logistics Not to Overlook with Video Production in Wisconsin

Location Logistics Not to Overlook with Video Production in Wisconsin

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Each on-location production presents a unique set of challenges. First and foremost, when creating a video, you have to have a layout of the location. Knowing the environment of your location will give you the advantages and limitations are you try to get all the shots you want. The location logistics is necessary for keeping the crew nourished and hydrated.  Whether its food, water, or a basic bathroom, the logistics of a location play an essential role in the functionality of your shoot. Below are a few simple, overlooked logistic when it comes to video production in Wisconsin.

Non-disruptive Setups on Location

This is where knowing your location helps the most. The layout of your location can help determine how you can go about your filming. The same is true of its real-life function If you’re in an office building, for instance, allowing the crew to use the loading dock is essential to getting their equipment in and out efficiently. When setting up for individual shots, it’s always important to keep yourself in mind. Try to keep the location and set as natural as possible. This technique can help make you and your employees more comfortable because everything may still look the way they had it before the cameras came into the room.

Site Survey Checklist:

When choosing a site, you need to keep several things in mind. You want to make sure the site you decide on offers the best location for your video. A site survey includes the following items to consider:

  • Contacts – Identify the appropriate contact for the location, client, and crew. Supply names and phone numbers to all parties involved. Having contact information on-hand avoids a scramble when parties need to connect.
  • Building Entry and Parking – The address may put you in the correct general location, but specific directions on where to park and enter the building will save time and confusion upon arrival.
  • Security – If the location has security personnel, they should be made aware of the production and given the names of the crew if they will need to check in. If special check-in procedures for the crew and equipment will be required, time should be built into the schedule to allow for them.
  • Staging Area – Once in the building, the crew will need a place to set up and store gear for the day. A secure and easily accessible area is ideal for everyone on your crew.
  • Location Noise – When the project calls for recording audio, you should immediately address any location noise. It could cause major disruptions to your production. Obvious noise issues such as filming in a working office/facility or near a train station/airport should be noted. Other noisy situations that may or may not be controllable are HVAC systems, high foot-traffic areas, and construction.

Video Production in Wisconsin

These location logistics have very little to do with the actual filming process. However, they are just as crucial to the overall success of the production day. Staying aware of these simple yet sometimes overlooked tips, you can save your company a lot of time. For your video production needs in Wisconsin, visit us online or call 414-839-1575.