Three Reasons Every Brand Needs an “About Us” Video

Three Reasons Every Brand Needs an “About Us” Video

By Andrew Drefs|0 Comments

It’s taken a while for people to realize the value of a sales and marketing video. Now they are starting to realize the incredible value of an About Us video. The great thing about an About Us video is that it’s so versatile. It can be used for marketing and branding as well as recruiting and educating. Let’s look at some of the ways you can use video to further your corporate message.

Marketing and Branding

The About Us page is often the second most popular page on a website, second only to the home page. People want to know who is behind the product or service. Having a video on the About Us page allows a deeper understanding of the people that customers will be dealing with.

One of the best ways to approach an About Us video is to start the video with an interview with a past client. Allowing your prospects to view your company through the eyes of a client allows you to establish credibility. The client reinforces your marketing and branding messages by talking about his or her experience as well as how and why he or she chose your company. Your prospect likely has the same needs and concerns. While your competition is focused on pretty text and photos that are meant to show how great they are, you will be focusing on your client’s needs.

Through allowing potential clients to meet the people in your company, you’ll be able to establish a greater bond. Your text on the page can cover the facts. But video can create an engaging, emotional connection. Keeping site visitors engaged longer on your site also helps in your search engine optimization. Since people are very likely to view this page, it’s a great idea to keep them engaged.

For Recruitment

When people hear about a company’s job openings, they will assuredly visit your website and check out the About Us page. Having a video that prospective applicants can watch is a great idea. They can get a feel for who you are and who you serve. They can gain a greater understanding of your values and your mission. It’s also a great idea to include your staff in the video so that the job seekers get a feel for your company’s diversity.

Prospective clients and job seekers can also learn the history of the company. Through this subtle information, the applicant finds out whether they might be a good fit for your company and whether your company is a good fit for them. Today’s employers realize the value of recruiting someone who feels at home and will stay. The About Us video is another tool for engaging prospects. It helps to reduce the wasted time of interviewing someone who really wouldn’t be a good fit.


Educating your current associates and your new hires about your company is a great additional value from your About Us video. Anyone who applies to your company or who already works there should be able to articulate your company’s value. Having current associates watch the video and having new hires view it during an orientation will give all your staff a better understanding of your company’s mission. Educating current and new associates about your company’s history and value is crucial to strengthening your brand.

Let Bottom-Line Productions Help You

Creating a strong, inclusive About Us video will help land more clients, bolster search engine optimization, hire associates who are more likely to stay, and increase your current staff’s knowledge. Let our experienced team at Bottom-Line Productions help create your About Us video! Contact us online or call 414-839-1575.